Merit Raise Policy Review

March 18, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The collective bargaining agreement between the University of Oregon and United Academics (CBA) provides for two pools for merit raises to be implemented in January 2017, one for tenure-track faculty and one for non-tenure-track faculty (Article 26, Section 2). These pools will be distributed according to the processes described in the unit’s merit raise policy. You can find your unit’s merit raise policy on the Academic Affairs website.

NTTF promotion timeline message

Dear Colleagues,

As you start the promotion process for NTTF in your unit, please note that the deadline for submission of files to Academic Affairs has changed to April 1 so that we will be able to review files in a timely manner. We are anticipating a large number of cases. Each unit, school, college, and division should develop an internal timeline for NTTF promotion review in consultation with the dean or vice president to ensure that your unit and school, college, or division can meet this deadline.