2013-15 CBA Resources

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MOU: NTTF Reclassification

MOU: Joint Committee Regarding Intellectual Property

The Joint Committee regarding Intellectual Property is composed of three members appointed by the Union (Kira Homo, Deborah Olson, Mike Strain) and three members appointed by the University (Sandra Gladney, Rob Horner, Chuck Williams). The Joint Committee is to make recommendations on a full range of issues that were raised at the bargaining table with respect to proposed Article 51, Intellectual Property. These recommendations will be forwarded to the University and United Academics for possible revision and appropriation. Any agreement reached will be integrated into the CBA as an MOU.

Article 1: Recognition

Article 4: Internal Governance

Article 7: Faculty Handbook

Article 17: Assignment of Professional Responsibilities

Article 18: Summer Session Appointments & Assignments

Article 19: NTTF Review and Promotion

Article 20: Tenure Review and Promotion

Article 26: Salaries

Article 26: Section 2. Merit Raises


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