TTF Hiring AY16-17

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs will entertain proposals for making multiple offers in ongoing searches provided that candidate pools are sufficiently strong, that additional hiring in the area is justified, and that the dean can present a convincing case that additional hiring from the pool will build on existing UO strengths and result in improved academic excellence. 

Proposals for provost funds for additional hires from ongoing searches, targets of opportunity, etc. must be accompanied by evidence of the likelihood of the hire improving the standing of the program nationally or internationally. This typically requires comparative data (e.g., Academic Analytics, NSF broad field information, NRC doctoral program ratings, Google Scholar, Web of Science, other rankings).

After initial interviews with candidates and review by relevant faculty bodies, deans should use the online Supplemental Hire Proposal process  to outline how making offers to specific individual candidates will meet intended goals.

Each proposal will need to estimate the effect of the hire on the following goals:

  1. Enhancing Academic Quality: Increasing research activity, publications (articles in refereed journals, books and chapters published in top academic presses), and national awards;
  2. Promoting Interdisciplinary Excellence: Two areas identified as high priorities in 2016-17 are environmental sustainability/climate change and computational science/big data;
  3. Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Addressing initiatives outlined in the Division of Equity and Inclusion’s IDEAL Framework; and/or
  4. Increasing External Support: Potential for sponsored research activity and new grants (within four years).

Successful proposals are expected to carry strong potential for making contributions in multiple areas. Funding for faculty lines added through this process will generally be at 2/3 from central and 1/3 from the school or college (the latter typically generated by reducing NTTF positions and applying those funds to the new TTF line or other means of realizing cost savings at the program, department or college level).

Upon approval, notification of which will come through the online Supplemental Hire Proposal process, hiring units may explore the possibility of a hire. Following a faculty vote, preparation of an offer will follow normal approval processes (department, dean, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs), after which the final agreement will be documented. 

Proposals are accepted on an on-going basis via the online Supplemental Hire Proposal process . Please note, the online process is hosted via  (in the “Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs” section) and requires a Shibboleth login. For questions, please contact