Article 35 Professional Development Policy Development

This page serves as a resource and clearinghouse for information and guidance related to development of professional development policies.

Article 35 of the UA/UO CBA affirms the university’s commitment to encouraging and supporting faculty in professional development activities that further the university’s academic mission and enhance teaching, scholarship, research, creative activities, service, and equity and inclusion.

Article 35 requires every unit to have a policy setting forth the procedures and criteria for applying for and/or distributing available professional development funds.

Centers, institutes, or units not embedded in an academic unit and comprised of a majority of funding contingent faculty members are exempt from the requirement to create professional development policies. As a reminder, all funding contingent faculty are subject to the terms and conditions of their sponsored projects and all federal and state laws and regulations.

What Constitutes Professional Development?

Professional development includes, but is not limited to:

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Training
  • Professional conferences
  • Participation in professional organizations related to the faculty member’s academic discipline and job duties

Policy Development Process and Timeline

  1. Provost guidelines are to be shared by the beginning of the calendar year 2017.
  2. Each college and school will develop a template that provides language for units to include in every policy governing professional development. Templates are to be completed and submitted to Mariann Hyland at by February 15, 2017.
  3. A committee comprised of three university and three union representatives will review and edit the college and school templates. Joint review will be completed by April 3, 2017.
  4. Deans will forward finalized templates to units for faculty development by April 5
  5. Deans will approve final unit policies and email copies of the approved final policies to by April 28, 2017.
  6.  The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs will post final unit policies on the Academic Affairs website.

Required Policy Content

  • Policies should include a statement affirming support for professional development.
  • Policies should define what constitutes professional development.
  • Policies should provide that “professional development funds” does not include academic support accounts (ASA), external grants or awards which have restrictions on use, or endowment funds which have restrictions on use.
  • In addition to complying with all provisions of the CBA, policies must provide that both career NTTF and tenure-related faculty are eligible to receive or compete for professional development funds.
  • Policies must set forth procedures and criteria for applying for and/or distributing available professional development funds.
  • If a competitive process is used, policies should take into account unit and/or university priorities.
  • Policies should address how professional development funds become available with the caveat that professional development funds might not be available every year.