Bargaining Unit Status

United Academics (UA) comprises faculty of the University of Oregon, and is the exclusive representative of the bargaining unit faculty. This includes all tenure-track and tenured faculty, non-tenure-track faculty, adjunct faculty, post-retired or emeritus faculty, library faculty, and officers of research, including research assistants, research associates, and postdoctoral scholars. Generally speaking, university faculty members who are currently employed by the university are included in the UA bargaining unit, unless a specific exception applies.

One exception to a faculty member’s inclusion in the bargaining unit is based on his/her current position. The president, the provost, vice presidents, vice provosts, associate vice provosts, assistant vice provosts, deans, associate deans, assistant deans and department heads, law school faculty, EC Cares facility, and confidential employees are excluded from the unit.

The second exception to a faculty member’s inclusion in the bargaining unit is based on the carrying out of supervisory duties. Faculty members in a supervisory position may be excluded from the bargaining unit and are examined on a case by case basis. The University considers four main factors when looking at these cases:

  • How many people does the faculty member supervise and what is their bargaining unit status?
  • What percent of the faculty member’s FTE is spent supervising?
  • What types of supervisory responsibilities does the faculty member have relative to her supervisees?
  • Does the faculty member have hiring and firing responsibilities?

If you believe this exclusion applies to you or a supervisee, or if you or a supervisee have recently changed title, please contact Human Resources - Division of Labor Relations, or email