Committee for Academic Infrastructure

The Committee for Academic Infrastructure (CAI), formerly known as the Classroom Committee, was formed in 1997 to evaluate classroom facilities within the university's general classroom pool and to facilitate their improvement. The committee advises university leadership on creating and maintaining a quality academic environment to support student teaching and learning.

CAI is convened by the Office of the Provost and includes appointed faculty and representatives from the Registrar's Office, Library and Media Services, Campus Planning and Facilities Management, and the Accessible Education Center.

Classroom Evaluation Standards 

Over time the classroom committee has developed a set of standards that it consistently applies to teaching space on the UO campus. Projects are generally selected on the basis of the most egregious deviations. Four basic criteria are used in evaluating spaces:

  • Lighting: Is lighting sufficiently and easily adjustable to accommodate various teaching styles and technology needs, and does the room feel "warm" and engaging?
  • Presentation: Is adequate and appropriate presentation equipment available? Is the screen of appropriate size, and are controls and hookups located well?
  • Comfort: Is the room appropriately sized for its occupancy? Is the classroom furniture sufficiently flexible to accommodate different teaching styles? Do students have adequate work-space? Is room temperature appropriately regulated?
  • Acoustics: Can the presenter and audience communicate clearly? Is the volume level from any audiovisual resources appropriate and controllable? Is there distracting mechanical or other ambient noise?

To bring a classroom or teaching environment to the attention of the committee, please contact CAI chair, Chuck Triplett (6-3429,

Get Involved 

If you are interested in service, please contact CAI chair, Chuck Triplett (6-3429,, noting your position and academic unit and providing a brief description of your interest in serving.