Promotion & Tenure Timeline

Late submission of dossiers can lead to hardship for our internal faculty review committees. Adherence to these timelines is essential in order to allow for timely conclusion of the review process and timely notification.

The year prior to the decision year:

Fall or winter term

  • Department or unit head contacts candidate, requests candidate's contributions to promotion file

Winter or spring term

  • Candidate submits contributions to promotion file

Spring and summer terms

  • Identification and solicitation of external reviewers

Note: If the faculty member fails to submit materials required for a tenure review in a timely manner, the department or unit head will notify the faculty member of the missed deadline by university email and the primary phone on record in the Banner system. If the faculty member does not respond within 14 days, tenure may be denied. If the faculty member responds within 14 days, the department or unit head will establish a new deadline for submission of all materials. The new deadline must allow the university adequate time to complete the tenure review process by June 15 of the decision year. If the faculty member misses the new deadline, tenure will be denied. 

Decision Year:

Early fall term  -  Departmental Review 

  • Personnel committee: report and vote
  • Vote by voting faculty via signed, secret ballot
  • Department head provides report and recommendation

October 1

  • Deans submit confirmed list of those in the school/college being considered for promotion and/or tenure to Academic Affairs

Fall term

  • Dossiers moved to the school or college dean's office
  • Each school or college may have its own deadline for internal review
  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) dean's office has established a deadline of November 1 for submission of complete dossiers and supporting materials. 

Fall/early winter term: School/College Review

  • Personnel Committee (elected): report and vote
  • Dean: report and recommendation
  • Dean: meet with candidate and discuss recommendation
    • Note: Candidates are allowed ten days after meeting with dean to provide written response to the dean's recommendation. Any such response received must be included in the dossier. 

November 30

  • All schools and colleges (excluding CAS): Deadline for submission of complete dossiers involving tenure decisions with supporting materials to Academic Affairs

January 15

  • All schools and colleges (excluding CAS): Deadline for submitting complete promotion dossiers with supporting materials to Academic Affairs

March 15

  • CAS: Final date for submitting complete promotion and tenure dossiers with supporting materials to Academic Affairs
    • Note: It is essential that CAS submit dossiers to Academic Affairs as they are completed rather than waiting until this final deadline to avoid untenable overload of the FPC. 

Late winter/early spring term: University Review

  • FPC: report and vote
  • Provost: review and decision

May 1

  • Candidates formally notified of provost’s decision