Endowed Positions

The purpose of endowed positions (dean, chair, professorship, professor of practice, etc) are to recruit and retain faculty with outstanding scholarly records who will provide scholarship and leadership that enriches their department, their school or college and the university. They are elite faculty positions that represent prestige, leadership and profound responsibility for the holder.

One important purpose of such appointments is to enable the person receiving this honor to make greater contributions to their field and to the educational mission and goals of the university. While donors cannot direct research agendas, another important purpose is to fulfill the expressed intentions of the donor who made the endowed position possible. Thus, faculty who may be selected or recruited for this honor must continue to perform as exemplary academicians, excellent colleagues and persons in whose accomplishments the university and donor can rightfully take pride. 

These guidelines may be reviewed and amended periodically as necessary to comply with university policy or to incorporate campus changes allowable under university policy.

Questions about endowed positions can be directed to Senior Project Manager, Anna Shamble (ashamble@uoregon.edu).


Guidelines for Endowed Faculty Positions [PDF]

Template paragraphs to include in offer letter, review communications [Word]