Career NTTF Promotion Timeline

The timing of the preparation, submission, and evaluation of the promotion dossier follows a timeline similar to the tenure-track-faculty promotion and tenure process. NTTF promotion files will be accepted on a rolling basis. Files that are received in the Office of the Provost (OtP) (for career instructional NTTF) and in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI) (for career research NTTF) between February 1 and April 1 will be decided on by the provost no later than June 1. The provost will notify the candidate in writing, with promotion taking effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year or with the next contract renewal, whichever comes first.

All promotion reviews have three levels of review: unit level, college or vice president level, and provost level. Typical cases may follow this rough timeline:

Prior academic year

  • Candidate notifies unit head of intent to be considered no later than June 15 for 9-month faculty members; June 30 for 12-month faculty members

Fall term - Preliminary Work

  • Candidate provides current CV, statement, waiver, and other applicable materials to their unit head or office manager
  • Identification and solicitation of external reviewers (if applicable)

Fall/Early winter term - Departmental Review

  • Unit Personnel Committee: write report and a vote
  • Unit vote
  • Unit head: review file and report and make recommendation

November 1

  • Deans, unit directors, vice presidents (as applicable) send OtP or VPRI a confirmed list of those career NTTF in the school/college/institute/center who are being considered for promotion

Winter term - School/College/Division Review

  • School/College Personnel Committee (as applicable): report and vote
  • Dean or vice president: review dossier and report and make recommendation
  • Dean or vice president shares report and recommendation with candidate. The candidate has 10 days from receipt of the dean/vice president/director's report and recommendation to provide responsive material or information which will be included in the evaluation file.

February 1 - April 1

  • Submission period for NTTF promotion dossiers to OtP for career instructional NTTF and to VPRI for career research NTTF.

April 1

  • Priority deadline for submission of promotion files to OtP/VPRI for a decision no later than June 1

Spring term - University Review

  • Provost or designee: review of promotion files; decision is made for each candidate

No later than June 1

  • Candidates are notified in writing of the provost's decision