Policy Review & Development

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the University of Oregon and United Academics requires the development of many unit-level policies. Current unit-level policies may be found at Departmental & Unit Policies.

Policy Review and Updates

Policies may be reviewed and updated consistent with the procedures set forth in the CBA. Depending on the policy, review may be initiated by the faculty, dean, provost, or provost’s designee. Units should consult their internal governance policies concerning unit-specific policy development and revisons processes.

If your unit is preparing to update a policy, please first contact your associate or divisional dean, and academicaffairs@uoregon.edu

Policies must be submitted for provost approval by emailing the policy to academicaffairs@uoregon.edu, after faculty in the unit have had an opportunity to provide input consistent with the unit's internal governance policy, and after the unit’s dean has approved the unit-level revisions. Please put the unit policy and name in the subject line. Policy revisions must be submitted in .doc format. Use the track changes function to highlight the differences between the current posted policy and the faculty-approved revision. After the provost or designee has approved the revised policy, it will be posted to Departmental & Unit Policies.

Policy Development Guidance

Below is a list of guidance developed to assist in the development of unit-level policies.