If a hiring unit or an employee believes that the employee’s duties and responsibilities fit better into a classification other than the one into which he or she was hired, the hiring unit can request that the position be reclassified.

Reclassification is not the same as promotion. A change in rank within classification requires a promotion review. An NTTF bargaining unit faculty member may not be reclassified into the tenure-track and tenured professor classification. Reclassification will be performed in accordance with Article 15, Sections 10 through 14.

To request reclassification, please prepare a statement from the dean outlining the reason for the reclassification request. This statement should provide evidence that the employee meets the standards outlined in the CBA Article 15 section 3 for the requested classification. A separate paragraph is requested for each criteria outlined in the CBA related to the desired classification.For example, a reclassification from senior instructor II to professor of practice would require a paragraph for each of the four criteria outlined in the Article 15 section 3 of the CBA.

The prepared statement from the dean and the employee’s vita will be submitted via MyTrack as described on the Human Resources - Operations website. The provost or designee will review the request for reclassification once it has cleared HR.