Renewal Notice

Most teaching faculty are appointed on a nine-month contract year, running from September 16 through June 15.

Most full-time administrative and research faculty are appointed for twelve months.

For faculty in the School of Law, the nine-month year runs from August 16 through May 15.

NTTF Notice of Renewal and Non-renewal

Notice of renewal or non-renewal must be provided by email to the bargaining unit faculty member’s official UO email address, using the appropriate template  provided on the HR website.

The university is obligated to provide notice of renewal or non-renewal to career NTTF bargaining unit members no later than May 1 of the last year of the faculty member’s current appointment. Refer to CBA, Article 16, sections 1 and 5 for details. This requirement does not apply to career NTTF in funding-contingent positions.

There is no fixed date for notices for career funding-contingent faculty, as appointment end dates vary considerably based on the particulars of funding sources. For bargaining-unit career funding-contingent NTTF who have achieved promotion, the CBA requires they receive at least 30 days of notice prior to the nonrenewal of the appointment. However, you may not notify funding-contingent faculty of contract renewal until you have the funds available to finance their new appointment.

Appointments for faculty in pro-tem, visiting, postdoctoral scholar, and acting classifications expire in accordance with their terms; no notice is required. Other funding-contingent faculty must be notified “as soon practicable.”

If notice is not provided by the timelines listed in CBA Article 16, Section 1, the affected NTTF “shall receive a payment proportional to his or her base salary for the number of days the notice was late” (CBA Article 16, section 5a). Further, a faculty member who does not receive notice as set forth in CBA and who continues to work under the terms and conditions of the expiring appointment after it expires will be paid for all work performed (CBA Article 16, section 5b). Any costs incurred for missing the deadline will be borne by the unit. 

FTE notification for renewals

Notice of renewal must state the duration of the appointment, whether it is funding contingent, and the expected FTE. Expected FTE should aim to be as close to possible to the actual appointment, and if anything, should be stated conservatively so that it is raised rather than lowered if the stated workload is different from what was originally expected.

Process for non-renewals or change in FTE

If the decision is made to not renew an appointment for a career NTTF who has been promoted, non-renewal must be based on one of the four reasons listed in CBA Article 16, Section 2.

If the decision is made to not renew an appointment for a career NTTF who has not been promoted, the department/unit must list a reason for non-renewal.

Prior to sending any non-renewal, the department/unit must consult with Sierra Dawson (if the NTTF has an instructional appointment) or Cassandra Moseley (if the NTTF has a research appointment). Provide the performance reviews and associated documentation to Sierra Dawson or Cassandra Moseley at least two weeks before providing notice of non-renewal for those who have not been promoted, and no later than April 3 for those who have been promoted.

If a department or unit needs to end the contract or change the FTE of a funding-contingent faculty member mid-appointment or is contemplating reorganization or other reduction in staff that will involve multiple employees, the department/unit head/director must contact Sierra Dawson (if the NTTF has an instructional appointment) or Cassandra Moseley (if the NTTF has a research appointment) well in advance to ensure that these changes are made appropriately.

This process does not apply to postdoctoral scholars or pro tempore faculty members.

For information on NTTF contract renewal evaluation, see Evaluations – Non-tenure Track.

For specific information on the contract renewal process contact Human Resources - Operations, at 346-3348.