Tips for Faculty Self-Presentation for Evaluations of Teaching

An important part of the evaluation of teaching for promotion and/or tenure, contract renewal or merit is your self-presentation regarding your efforts and intentions for student learning, and your development as a teacher over time. The following is a guide for your preparation of a teaching statement to be used in the evaluation of your teaching.  

Explain the key goals and values of your teaching.

How do those link to concrete choices in the classroom? What are the particular challenges of teaching and learning in your field? How do you address and seek to overcome them? What do you see as the urgency or value of your teaching to students’ lives, larger curricular frameworks into which your courses nest, or public life more generally?

Identify what you are doing to improve your teaching at the course level.

How has your teaching changed over time? What methods do you use to assess your own effectiveness and how have you used the results to modify your courses?  Did you do a follow-up assessment to check for improvement in student learning?

Detail your teaching-related professional development efforts.

Have you attended TEP workshops or education-related sessions at a conference?  Have you observed others’ classes?  What have you done to learn about and implement evidence-based methods in your teaching?

Highlight your efforts to create an equitable and inclusive classroom.

Do you learn your students’ names? How do you draw on the different talents and experiences students bring to your classes? In what ways do you build students’ sense of connection, support, and agency? Does your course material reflect the diversity of the field, including the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of its scholars and practitioners? Are you clear about the purpose and criteria of your assignments? Do you use a range of teaching strategies and modes of student engagement?