Transfer Credit Change

March 22, 2017
Dear Colleagues:
Faculty in several UO departments and staff in the Registrar’s Office noted anomalies in some transfer credit coming in from legitimate universities in China offering credit through summer and continuing education programs. Upon investigation and a review by Academic Affairs, it has been determined that these credits transcripted by the Chinese Universities’ “Continuing Education” or “Extension” or “Summer Institute” offices are not truly academic-credit-bearing and cannot be transferred back to that home institution for use in a degree. As such, with the approval of Academic Affairs and effective immediately, the University of Oregon will no longer accept credit as transfer from any Continuing Education, Extension, Summer Institute, or other similar programs from any China institution or from any other similar offering in other countries, unless it is part of a UO-approved study-abroad program.   
Transfer credit has already been awarded from the last two summers to about 130 current UO students; that credit will not be taken away from these students, but these students will be specifically notified that UO will not transfer any more of this type of credit. Additionally, communication will be sent from the Registrar’s Office to all international students that credit from these types of programs will not be accepted any longer.
Departments asked to review syllabi for courses from outside the US should check with the Office of the Registrar to ascertain if the courses are part of a summer or continuing education program or from the home campus.
Doug and Susan

Susan C. Anderson                                                     
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Doug Blandy
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs