TTF Hiring

Tenure-track faculty (TTF) hiring follows the University of Oregon’s Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP). Information about the 2018-19 process and hiring plan can be found on the 2018-19 IHP webpage

The Office of the Provost (OtP) may entertain a small number additional proposals for TTF hires, in instances where:

  • Candidates are exceptional
  • Additional hiring in the area is justified
  • The dean can present a convincing case that additional hiring will build on existing UO strengths and result in improved academic excellence

Proposals for provost funds for additional TTF hires must be accompanied by evidence of the likelihood of the hire improving the standing of the program nationally or internationally. This typically requires comparative data (e.g., Academic Analytics, NSF broad field information, NRC doctoral program ratings, Google Scholar, Web of Science, other rankings).

For more information about additional hires, see the Targets of Opportunity and Dual Career Hires webpages.