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Approved department/unit merit raise policies have been posted to the Academic Affairs website.

The University and United Academics have completed the reclassification process for more than 400 short- and long-term adjunct positions. Joint communication...

The Collective Bargaining Agreement is now available online.

The Office of Academic Affairs hosts workshops for UO Faculty members to enhance their academic endeavors, development and success. View a list of workshops, including supplementary materials.


No events are scheduled for Academic Affairs.

Faculty Spotlight

Philip H. Knight Professor of Political Science
Senior Faculty Fellow, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics
Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching

Daniel Tichenor’s scholarly specialization is the American political system, including many of the hot-button issues of our day: the office of the presidency, immigration and immigration reform, organized labor, lobbying and interest groups.

Daniel Tichenor

Academic Affairs