Preparing Promotion and Tenure Files

Following successful pilot studies, Academic Affairs has moved to full digital submission for all promotion and/or tenure cases. To support preparation of digital dossiers, we have created PDF portfolios for the primary dossier, containing several “fillable” forms and the various dossier sections to which the appropriate files may easily be added. We have also created a PDF portfolio for the supplementary file. Given the range of supplementary materials typically provided, this portfolio in essence provides a table of contents behind which documents may be uploaded. Recognizing that some materials may not be conveniently available in digital form, provision of some or all supplementary materials in print form is still permissible

For planning purposes, it is important for Academic Affairs to have solid information about the number and type of promotion cases it may anticipate. When beginning the assembly process, please send an email to containing the following:

  • candidate(s) full name(s) and UO ID number(s)
  • promotion (to associate or full professor)
  • department name

Academic Affairs will supply the department with a current digital dossier for the primary file and a digital supplemental file. When the files are complete at the unit level, departments should forward the digital promotion files to the dean’s office. Following the dean's review and recommendation the dean will deliver the complete primary file and supplementary materials to Academic Affairs. We ask that files be provided to Academic Affairs on a USB thumb drive, accompanied by any hard-copy supplementary materials.

Academic Affairs has provided a guidance document [PDF] for constructing a digital dossier.

Sample elements

Sample TTF digital dossier file [PDF]

Evaluation letters