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New and Revised Courses

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Committee on Courses

The UO Committee on Courses screens all proposals for course changes and new courses, reports its recommendations by quarterly reports to the faculty through the University Senate, and advises the University editor on content and structure of the UO Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin. For more information, please visit the Committee on Courses webpage.

Charge and Responsibilities

The Committee on Courses is responsible for: 

  1. Screening all proposals for course changes and reporting its recommendations to the University faculty through the Faculty Senate; 
  2. Directing the University editor on the content and structure of the University Catalog;
  3. Consulting with the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Council on curricular patterns of concern;
  4. Participating, on behalf of the University faculty, in planning the development and improvement of the instructional program of the institution;
  5. Reviewing courses not taught on a regular basis;  
  6. Providing advice and assistance to schools and departments in the planning of the curriculum.

When the committee is recessed, the chair of the committee shall have authority to approve immediate emergency requests for course changes subject to review when the committee resumes business. This authority may be delegated to the Provost in the absence of the chair.

This website is currently under revision to make it current and consistent with the new collective bargaining agreement and other relevant UO policies.  Please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for current information on associated faculty matters.